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The Boston-based law firm of McCormack Suny LLC, has successfully defended and litigated important false claims and whistleblower cases with impacts on Massachusetts case law precedent. Our False Claims Act Lawyers have developed an expertise in false claims and whistleblower cases and that is informed by our extensive defense work in business litigation, corporate advice and corporate transactions.

Our team of dedicated false claims and whistleblower attorneys brings a client focused approach and a track record of success in defending clients against complex legal challenges. This is where experience matters, especially when it comes to protecting and defending a client’s interest through the course of a long and complex case. If you are seeking to hire a Boston law firm to defend against false claims and whistleblower cases, it is important to choose a law firm with a record of success.

Beyond our expertise in false claims act cases, our attorneys are well versed in complex litigation matters, including partnership and shareholder disputes, civil litigation, commercial litigation, complex securities litigation, zoning and permits, and real estate issues.

In a landmark seven-year defense, we successfully navigated a $125 million False Claims Act case involving 45 municipalities and agencies. Our defense resulted in a summary judgment ruling that dismissed the entirety of the whistleblower’s case. Managing the case involved overseeing a hundred-plus page summary judgment filing and orchestrating all aspects of discovery, including more than 30 depositions.

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Our success hinged on effective case management, where we identified and retained four national construction industry experts to cover a wide range of issues raised in the case, and introduced a mandated process for municipalities to opt in after the plaintiffs declined to try the case by exemplar.

Our False Claims Act Attorneys also played a pivotal role in representing a whistleblower in a False Claims Act case, leading to a $16 million settlement against an international orthopedics device manufacturing company. Our ability to orchestrate a strategic defense, coupled with extensive experience in overseeing all aspects of discovery and filing compelling summary judgment motions, distinguishes us as leaders in the field. Please contact David Suny at 857-331-6348 info@mccormacksuny.com to discuss the specifics of your case.

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Our trial attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and know how to skillfully argue a case. However, before we suggest litigation, we consider all possible options, including negotiation and other dispute resolution strategies.

Litigation can be very expensive and time-consuming and sometimes hurt a business more than help it. If there is an option that will effectively resolve your matter while preserving your resources, we will pursue it.