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What are some basic facts about contracts?

Contracts are legally enforceable, and they join two or more parties into an agreement that may be enforced via the court systems if anything goes wrong. The parties in these arrangements are obligated to do or not to do certain things based on the arrangement that has been signed. For instance, if you are supposed to work Monday through Friday preparing fish in exchange for free rent, then you would be in a contractual agreement with your landlord.

Business contracts and the way they work in law

If you're struggling with a contract dispute, you probably need to know more about how contracts are regarded in law. When you create a business contract, it's one of the most common legal transactions in the world of business. Contracts take place every day; you'll have one if you sign a rental agreement, sell a home, or do a number of other things.

Can real estate disputes impact business profits?

Contracts arising from real estate disputes may seem drawn out. As the name suggests, the issues typically involve land uses that a business may depend on for its operations, such as a dispute over leases or easements. In other cases, a project may come to a screeching halt if a permit is denied or a zoning board issues an order.

A smart approach to a contract dispute may save the deal

Before parties in a business deal ever reach the table to discuss contractual terms, a substantial amount of work behind the scenes takes place. Attorneys may offer insights into prospective deals and assist with the necessary permitting from governmental entities. The recent attempt at harnessing wind energy off the shore of the Massachusetts coast is a recent example of this type of work.

Tackle contract disputes head on to save money and time

Business owners in Boston understand that there are many issues that can come up when it comes to their contracts. In some cases, it is possible that a contract was poorly written and that has led to misunderstandings between the parties involved. But in other cases, the contract may be solid but a dispute still arises. Whatever the case, it’s important to work with an experienced business attorney in order to deal with the issue at hand so that it does not become a drawn-out expensive problem.

Consumers allege deceptive sale of goods and services by Best Buy

Consumers nationwide, including in Massachusetts, often respond to seemingly worthwhile special discounts on Internet websites. Sadly, it is not uncommon for misleading advertising to occur related to the sale of goods and services. Thousands of people nationwide can be exposed to deceptive marketing and advertising techniques when deals are offered on the Internet.

Arbitration ordered after employment dispute of flight attendant

Employees in Massachusetts have certain rights, and if a worker believes there is discrimination present in his or her workplace, or if any other workers' rights are being violated, he or she may take the matter up with the appropriate union, or consult with an attorney. In some cases, arbitration may be ordered in an attempt to resolve issues rather than engaging in expensive litigation. In a recent case in another state, a flight attendant refused arbitration between the airline that ended her employment and the union which represents her, but a federal court ordered that the arbitration must go ahead.

Can a business litigation lawyer also help with arbitration?

Given the amount of due diligence that goes into drafting contracts, one might assume that commercial contract disputes seldom arise over the interpretation of contractual terms. One party may allege that the other party has breached one or more terms, perhaps through non-performance or other failures, but the expectations should be clear going in, right?

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